Molecular Sieve Adsorbents

Specifically designed to promote complete water-removal from liquids and gases, molecular sieve desiccants are far more effective than ordinary silica gel desiccant. Due to the crystalline structure in molecular sieve desiccants, products can be left completely water-free (a necessity when all water must be eliminated in applications such as cryogenics where gases are liquefied).

Depending on the need, molecular sieves can be used for a various amount of adsorption determined by the molecular shape, affinity, and other factors. Because the entire process is so simple and the amount of impurities left behind are virtually nonexistent, molecular sieve systems are vastly superior in applications that require impurities to be removed from gas or liquids when matched against other adsorption techniques. This makes molecular sieves the most popular choice in engineering applications where total adsorption may be required.